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Mmm..Mmm..Good Advertising! November 19, 2009

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Are you part of the Campbell’s Soup Club? ‘Cus you’re Mmm..Mmm..Good!

         Have you ever been so stressed out or frozen inside out and just needing to relax? Usually this is how I find myself, cold (as always) and having a million things to do. I remember a certain commercial came on when I was little and it was the most warming and relaxing commercial that had ever caught my attention! It was the Winter Campbell’s Soup Commercial. You know, the one with the snowman that comes in from playing outside in the freezing cold to a warm, cozy house, with a big bowl of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup waiting for him! And As soon as he takes a sip off his spoon, the snow starts to melt away and an adorable little boy comes smiling through! It’s the cutest thing! And while all of this is going on, “Let It Snow” is playing in the background, giving it the perfect “holiday touch.” It makes me smile and feel so warm inside every time I see it! After seeing the warmth of the cozy home and the effects they used in the commercial, I can immediately feel the heat coming through the commercial. Campbell’s soup used the warmth of their soup to warm the hearts of people everywhere with this commercial.

                Since the creation of Campbell’s Soup in 1869, the soup has become a national icon. Not to mention it’s ranked number 25 in the Top 100 Advertising campaigns. Since 1995, Campbell’s Soup “snow man”  commercials have become symbolic to the holiday season.  They have always been my favorite Christmas time commercials and always get me in the holiday spirit.

               I do not that this commercial expresses “puffery” in any way. Although I, personally, do think the Campbell’s Company has every right to say they are the best considering they are the world’s largest soup manufacturer. The only thing that might be found deceptive in the commercial is at the very end it says “Mmm..Mmm..Better.” Indicating that it is better than the rest, however it never claims to be the best. So I do not think this puffery of deception. I  think this ad is clearly selling Campbell’s Soup, and memories of the “good old days” of childhood and the warmth of coming home after playing in the cold. I don’t think any stereotypes are made in this commercial.

                This seems to be one of those commercials that never goes out of style. The commercial remained on air for ten years, and anxiously awaited by many during the Christmas season. I don’t think there was any specific audience the commercial was geared towards. I think that both children and adults were touched by this commercial. Kids looked at this commercial and saw a really cool snow man that turned into a boy after eating chicken noodle soup! And they probably went to there parents begging them to buy Campbell’s Soup. Also, any adult that watched the commercial could not help but be touched by the warm and cozy feeling the commercial projects. The commercial lets you escape into a place you wish you could be all of the time! It could make any adult miss his or her childhood! I really think that Campbell’s caught the hearts of all ages during the promotion of this advertisement. As  spectators of the commercial say, “You know it’s winter when you see this commercial!”

YouTube Ad – Isn’t this classic?

              I remember loving this commercial every time I saw it when I was a little girl, and it always made me crave Campbell’s Soup! I remember begging my mom for it every time she went to the grocery store! I loved the commercial then and I still love it now! It is a timeless advertisement that will always bring warmth and joy to its viewers.



3 Responses to “Mmm..Mmm..Good Advertising!”

  1. soccer1010 Says:

    Mary, I love the Campbell’s Soup advertisement! The Winter Campbell soup commercial caught my attention as well! “Campbell’s soup used the warmth of their soup to warm the hearts of people everywhere with this commercial.” Great line, I’m serious. I’m considering heating up some Campbell soup right now! I’m sick of studying for final’s, hopefully it will cheer me up!

  2. kaite1245 Says:

    I definitley agree. That campbell’s soup commercial with the snowman is a classic. I love how advertisers change up their commercials based on the seasons. And this commercial is a great example for the holidays (just like CocaCola’s polarbears). After playing in the snow when I was little I asked my mom to make me a bowl of chicken noodle soup too!

  3. rjb1990 Says:

    I love that commercial! But as a kid I was mad because I never got be be a snowman before I ate soup!

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